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Remembering 9/11, I will NEVER forget   
10:30am 11/09/2010
mood: contemplative

Pic from Associated Press, photgrapher unknown
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Military Ball pics...   
10:49pm 23/07/2010
mood: sleepy

I don't have a lot of photos and I don't know if I can add the videos I took, but below are some pics from the military ball.  There is only one decent one of me since my hub was way too drunk to take photos, lol.  Should have taken some ahead of time.
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Redeployment Update and such   
06:18am 22/07/2010
mood: excited
It's been awhile since I've posted, but I've been busy.  Hub is finally home after his second deployment!  He's doing well but of course had some trouble dealing with our loss of our beloved Great Dane mix, Brutus.  We are looking at great dane pups, but not in a hurry to get one.  My hub has Leave coming up and we're going to visit our good friend that we haven't seen in a few years.  He recently had a baby boy and my Hub was named the godfather.  The plane tickets will be just over $700 to MD for 2 people, but so far that's the cheapest I've seen.  Most tickets were $500-$650 per person.  But we're excited to go and our friend is letting us stay with them so we can save money that way.  Also excited about tonight, going to a military ball with my Hub!  I've picked the longer of the 2 dresses I bought on sale since it seems it will be more formal than expected.  Going to wear my collection of Swarovski jewelry.  Now I have to try to curl my hair with a flat iron.  Did it once and it turned out nice, just need more practice and lots of hairspray, lol.  Of course I will post pics of the ball, maybe even video.
Military Ball dresses   
04:45pm 01/07/2010
mood: blah

So I ended up getting 2 dresses for the military ball coming up.  I bought the shorter one way before I knew where the ball was going to be held.  It was on super sale for $25, couldn't pass it up.  Then I found out where it was going to be held and that it will be more formal than expected.  I saw another dress that is long.  Normally I don't like long dresses, but I tend not to do well wearing heels for a long time.  This way I can take my shoes off and no one would notice, lol.  Now I have to pick between the two.  I love them both of course, but I might be going with the long one.  Maybe the short one if it's crazy hot out.  The dress I wore to the last ball is on ebay and has a bid on it, so in a way it's paying for the new dress, yay.  Below are the pics.  I'll be wearing my hair down, maybe in waves or slick straight.  And I have the perfect jewelry already.  Still have to decide on shoes.
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Writer's Block: Daydream believer   
06:51pm 12/06/2010
If you could choose to control your dreams, would you? If so, what would you dream about?

I actually can control my dreams about half of the time.  I usually change a nightmare into a good dream or dream about people I miss so that I can see them again.  This helps me during deployments and the recent loss of my dog, Brutus.  When I'm dreaming, I just think about them knowing I'm in a dream, and they show up.  Usually when I can't control a dream it's because I'm not aware that I'm dreaming.  When I know it's a dream, then I can change some of it or all of it.
Memorial Day   
05:43am 31/05/2010
mood: Remembering

At 3pm your local time, take a moment to remember our fallen troops. Thank a Veteran.

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WA Colleges?   
06:48am 08/05/2010
mood: curious
I've been looking at some online colleges, most recently Kaplan but I don't like their reviews.  I also talked to an advisor and he seemed nice and sent me the paper work to start the next step.  I went to check the paper work and I was informed I had one day to fill it all out, the application for school and the financial aid.  I told him that I'm concidering, but not sure yet.  And I can't start until September due to my husband coming home from deployment soon and then us having Leave after that.  But the paper work I would fill out will start for July, too early.  Also I don't want to take a loan out for finaid until I'm sure I'm going to this college.  My husband may also be moved to another state based on his new orders.

I'm looking for colleges in or near Tacoma/Lakewood that are good and will be recognized by future employers.  I'm getting mixed reviews about Kaplan which makes me question similar types of colleges.  Based on your experience or someone you know, what are some good colleges around here that are online, community, or university?  I already have a bachelor's in Fine Arts/Photography but before digital became popular.  I'd like to get another degree in something IT related or dealing with some kind of design like web design.  I'm fine with an associates degree.

Thank you for your help and suggestions.  Another reason why I ask is that I'm not from WA.  I'm originally from WI and got my degree at UW-Milwaukee.
Brutus Keepsake   
08:57pm 20/04/2010
mood: Sad

Yesterday I dropped off a nice pot of flowers with a thank you card to the ER Vet Hospital for everything they have done. Bru's ashes were ready, but they also made a keepsake with his paw print & name. They are so kind & sweet. I also ordered Bru's urn. I got a little table for all of Bru's things. I'll post a pic once I get his urn. Below are pics of the keepsake & urn I picked out. The marking on the right I added before I baked it. It's from the bracelet my hub made that's on Bru's collar.

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RIP Brutus   
12:49pm 18/04/2010
mood: crushed
I woke up this morning and Brutus was acting lethargic like he did before his splenectomy. He wouldn't eat and I noticed it seemed like he had labored breathing on and off. I decided I'm not waiting at all this time. I threw on some clothes and went to the ER vet hospital.

They did some vitals and he seemed to be acting better. Then I was waiting with him to see a doc and all of a sudden he acted like he was dizzy and kept falling over, and it got worse. One of the vet techs took notice and said she was getting the doc right away. She then ran over to help pick him up with another tech since he couldn't stand any more. He lost control of his bladder and bowels and I had a feeling it was all going bad. They rushed him in and I couldn't help but instantly cry.

They brought me into one of the exam rooms while they hooked him up to an IV and the doc was checking him out. She then came in with bad news. My dog has hemangiosarcoma and a couple months ago had a splenectomy to remove tumors that were cancer. He was like a puppy again until this morning. She told me he had a tumor on his heart that most likely ruptured and he had lots of fluid around his heart. There was nothing that could be done. So I agreed to have him put to sleep.

They turned down the lights and brought him in on a pillow and I snuggled with him for awhile. But he was so dizzy and kept trying to get up I felt he was starting to suffer too much and I informed the doc I was ready. I stayed while they put him to sleep and talked to him about how much of a good boy he was and kissed his nose constantly. Then he was gone.

Of course I'm miserable, but there was nothing else I could do. He lived a long healthy life of almost 10 years which is good for being part Great Dane. I was taking him to the park everyday and up until this morning he seemed happy and full of life. I will never forget my Brubru. He has helped me through 2 deployments. The next hard part is giving the news to my hubby since he is still deployed. We have decided on creamation and having an urn for now.

Brutus was our everything, I will never forget his goofiness, snoring, kisses, cuddles, and unconditional love. We will remember you always, love you and miss you Brutus.

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Brutus at dog park   
05:56pm 09/04/2010
mood: Happy

Bru having fun at Steilacoom parkCollapse )

Strep Throat   
07:10pm 05/04/2010
mood: sick, I guess
Last week I went to see a doc for a swollen lymph node. She did a standard physically and 2 throat cultures. Then I got a call the next day that there was a "mistake" and I had to go back and do it again. I got a call an hour after that the fast result test was negative. The doc told me that test is usually 95% right and usually means the second test will be negative. Well I got a call this morning that the second test came out positive for Strep throat. I don't feel sick that I know of although I've been taking lots of Ibruprofen the doc told me to to decrease the swollen lymph node. Other than the swollen lymph node, that doesn't really hurt anymore I seem fine. I have some slight symptoms but it seems more like the beginning of a head cold or allergies so I didn't think anything of it. I started antibiotics today, had to wait in Pharmacy while people coughed and sneezed on me, yuck. Hopefully the antibiotics will help and things won't get worse. I guess how sick you get depends on how bad the strep is and where it's located. So I'm sleeping a lot and drinking tons of water.

Oh and I'm supposed to stay home for the first 24 hours of taking the antibiotics. So it was sunny today for the first time in awhile and I wanted to get out and do something. I still went to the dog park, just didn't go where people were. Some days I don't mind sitting around the house all day but when you're told to stay home, it just makes me want to go out and do something.
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Been awhile...   
05:27pm 01/04/2010
mood: blah
Bru is doing well, acting so much younger and seems so happy. I've been taking him to the dog park as much as I can, that's his new favorite now. R&R was great, some days we did so much some days we just sat around playing video games. It was so wonderful seeing him again and it has helped me since he left after R&R. I thought I would go back to what I was like when he first deployed but I didn't. It's also easier knowing it's getting closer to when he comes home. One of his friends was KIA while he was on leave so that was hard. When my hub went back, I volunteered to make a meal for that soldier's family. When I went to his memorial, it was the first time I cried since before my hub's R&R. I actually think it's kind of weird I didn't cry after he left but maybe practicing being more positive is helping. I know he's still in danger but I try not to dwell on that as much as I did before.

My hub came down with recruiting orders, not by choice. He doesn't know if he's happy or not about it. He really likes to be in the field and doing hands on work, not paper work, you know, he's Infantry. This may not happen, depends on how they feel about his tattoos since he would be wearing his Class B's most of the time. He has one arm that is full sleeved tattoo and he wants the other one done when he gets back. He's also thinking of putting in a Warrant Officer packet. We're ready to start a family, but I want him to do what makes him happy. Of course I would want him home more and not get deployed again once we have a baby, but trying to plan for that in the Army just isn't going to happen, I've realized that. So we're just taking it as it comes and we're still going to try for a family.

I found a lump in the left side of my neck that has been hurting the past 2 days. I went to the doc today and after a physical she told me it is a swollen lymph node but that I should wait 2 weeks. If I don't get any other symptoms or it goes away, I should be fine. Not much else going on, been getting into video games lately to kill time, mostly Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and UFC. Finally have my own xbox live gold account and getting some practice in.
Cool Dog   
05:50pm 12/03/2010
mood: Blah

Lakewood, WA 03/2010

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Brutus like the hoolahoop   
11:38am 05/03/2010
mood: Silly

Here are some random pics of Bru & a hoolahoop. At first I thought he was scared of it but he actually wants to play with it. He's wearing a shirt because he still has his stitches from his splenectomy. But he's doing so much better, it's hard to keep him on bed rest.

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Nice Dog commercial video   
11:48pm 03/03/2010
mood: cheerful
Taken from a post from ~petbulls~

Brutus Splenectomy Update   
03:54pm 28/02/2010
mood: Sad

I called the vet & found out Bru's biopsy results. He does have cancer called hemangiosarcoma. They can't give an estimate on how long he has but the splenectomy he had about a week ago will help prolong his life. It just depends on how rapid the cancer is.

We haven't decided if we'll do chemotherapy but we might meet with the specialist to get more info & their opinion & costs, ect. It's sad news but especially because my hub is on R&R right now & still has 4 or 5 more months of deployment. Bru could pass while he's gone.

For now we're going to enjoy what time we have left with Bru & give him the best we can. Thank you again for your help in past posts.

Tsunami Advisory!   
10:28am 27/02/2010
mood: Blah


Oh Yeah   
05:41pm 25/02/2010
mood: Crazy Happy

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Bru's incision   
03:39pm 24/02/2010
mood: Better

This is Bru's incision after his splenectomy & liver biopsy. Looking good so far. The red-purple area is bruising. The black area is actually his skin color. Still waiting for biopsy results. Sorry about the boy bits, lol.

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Another Brutus Update   
01:05pm 22/02/2010
mood: Better

I went to visit Bru this morning & found out he was going to be discharged, yay. He's acting better, still walking slow but I'm sure he's in some pain. The incision is from his sternum to his boy bits. Once we got home he drank some water right away. Oh & I read his surgery details & they suctioned 4L of blood from his abdomin, scary.

He's now resting on his ortho bed. I'll be giving him pain meds soon. I'm just happy to see him more perky & wagging his tail again. My hub called while I was waiting for the discharge papers so I was able to give him the good news.

I know he's not in the clear yet but we're hoping for a nice recovery. We will get the spleen & liver biopsy results in a couple days. They suggested I use a shirt instead of a cone. He'll only wear it when I leave the house or while I'm sleeping.

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